In this complete card class we are going to learn several techniques. These techniques will give you a taste of what is to come in the Learning to Color One Step At A Time Series.

Here are some of the techniques we will cover:

  • Easy Clouds
  • Snow
  • Coloring Easy Faces
  • Coloring Hair
  • Creating shine
  • Creating Texture with you markers
  • Creating texture with terry cloth fabric and blending solution
  • How to color a circle with the correct highlight
  • Creating folds where there are none drawn
  • Adding highlight colors that are not what you expect
  • How to design a beautiful card and destress ribbon with heat. This is optional.

The first page of the work book give you a color palette. You may of course substitute any colors you like! This is your project. The important thing is to pick your paper and then your colors.

Your Instructor


I am a Professional Independent Copic Instructor. I have taught Internationally, but mostly stay here in the States. I travel quite a bit in the Mid Atlantic Region, East Coast, and Midwest.

That isn't all I do, I have my own Die Line (Creative Basics Dies by Rhea), I own theFacebook Group Passionate Paper Creations and Friends, Run my own Design Team. We would love for you to join us on my blog so you can meet them and see their amazing work. To keep it more interesting, I still work with over 40 Sponsors to help them grow their business through social media in our group, plus continue to look for new Companies that I feel fit our group. That's me now, the "Professional Me"

Now for "Just Me" - I am proud to say I have FINALLY RAISED 2 beautiful men! Stephen and Ryan. Whom I still call by their little nicknames. We all live in different states so it is hard but there are lots of calls and face timing. And lots of I love you's going around.

I am married to Jeff who really gets me! He loves me because I am a total goof ball, or in spite of, which ever, I will take it. He get's what I do. Better yet, he understands that I color little girl images, cartoon looking animals etc. That I make cards that are sweet and whimsical and never mail them out. I do blog about them, and share them with my Facebook Friends! He supports me and he thinks it is awesome! He even says I work harder and more hours a week than he does, and He's a General Manager, VP for our Newspaper. Well, you know what? I am just going to let him think that. I feel like some days I work really hard and other days I get to play all day coloring. So please, do not tell him. Let's let him think I work myself to the bone!

Being empty nesters that are only 50 years old. We have do have two furry children, which are spoiled to the rotten core! Tucker i.e.: "Lil Dog" our son is a 4-5lb Yorkie. He really runs the house and we just pay for everything. We just had Gigi, our baby girl who is hopefully not going to be any bigger that Tucker. She is a YorkiePoo. Mostly Yorkie, but with Poodle in her at least she will be somewhat smarter and easier to train than Tuck.

Now, let's get right down to it....What you see is what you get with me. I am just me and I love to have fun! Even in my classes. I am a goof ball. My friend gave me a sign that reads, "I tried to be good, But I got bored" That is me!

In these online classes you will find them to be unedited!!! I want you to feel like you are attending one of my classes live. I can't edit what I say or do if I am in a live class so why should I do it in an online class? Maybe one of these days I will take all the funny things that happen in class and put a video together. And you never know what I will say mixed up or the wrong way. It is a must that you have a sense of humor to take my classes. And, if you are new to Copic Markers, be patient with yourself. Don't start with the hardest thing you can find. Do it right and start from the beginning, with Session 1 and keep moving up to each session. I promise you will get to where you want to be in no time.

I would love to share my love of coloring with you!



Thank you for enrolling in this fun class using a Conie Fong Image called Molly's Winter Friends. I hope you have fun and learned some new techniques along the way! xo, Rhea

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