Watch this video first. It will help you understand this course.

Learning To Color One Step At A Time Session 1


Thank you for your interest in Learning To Color One Step At A Time Series. Welcome to Session I. Please feel free to preview the introduction video and Information sheet for all the details.

In this Session you will learn everything about Copic Markers!!!! How to take care of your investment. Cleaning, changing nibs, refilling different ways, what other products there are from Copic to go with your Copic Markers and much more.

Then we will start coloring with the basic blending techniques. From there we learn the fundamentals of coloring.

I admit the first part of the class is the most boring. However it is the most important!!! You need to learn all about your investment so your markers last for years. Once we get past the first video it just get's better and each session gets better. By the time you complete all the sessions you will be coloring better than ever.

I have made this quite easy for you to follow along with a video for each section! Yes, there are several short videos. So if at a later date you find yourself struggling with, let's say flicking, you just return to this class and visit the flicking video. No need to try to sit through a long video and try to find what you need. I've broken it all down for you. Hey and if you get bored, no worries, fast forward! I will never know :)

This will be done in each Session of Learning To Color One Step At A Time.

Your Instructor


I have Copic Markers and I am not afraid to use them! For more about me visit my blog by clicking on the tab at the top of the classroom. xo Rhea

Thank you for enrolling in this coloring class with me. Learning To Color One Step At A time is necessary to learn about your investment and I will start you coloring.

Even if you have been coloring for a while, it’s good to get back to the basics! If helps you rid yourself of habits you may have created that are causing you problems. Habits that you may not even have realized are there. They just happen over time.

As a teacher, I personally love teaching this class! It keeps me grounded to the basics! So please keep coming back and refreshing yourself!

Get started now!